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umm just saw Billy Mays on t.v. talking about the latest product: the Mighty Mend.


It's just that I haven't seen this commercial before, OR this product in stores. Either Billy is in the same place where Tupac is, OR they forgot to get a not dead spokesman.


I left work so angry that I cried all the way home. I haven't talked to beth, most likely won't.
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OH i thought this would be fun

The Rules.

* Post 10 of any pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive.

* No captions. It must be like we're speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words.

* They must ALREADY be on your hard drive - no googling or flickr! They have to have been saved to your folders sometime in the past. They must be something you've saved there because it resonated with you for some reason.

* You do NOT have to answer any questions about any of your pictures if you don't want to. You can make them as mysterious as you like. Or you can explain them away as much as you like.

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i think the hardest thing for me was to NOT put any captions. :x

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little red riding hood

my soul's a little heavy

Today, for no reason at all, I really, really miss home.

Not home, as in with my mom. That place stopped being home a long time ago.

But home as in California. More importantly, San friends. I was about to go to bed just now after a quick snippet of channel surfing and I spotted Will & Grace. Totally made me think of the friendship I have with Ryan J. Gay Boiz bring out my inner most diva in a way I can't really explain. I miss that kid. I just miss my friends.

Ever since I moved out here, I never looked back. I've only been back to San Jose once, and it made me thankful for what I've struggled to keep here. Which I wanna say is my sanity, but I guess I don't know what that would be. I don't like talking on the phone, but I keep in contact as best I can. ( I think phone conversations are weird. I always run out of things to say, and I HATE when I remember everything I wanted to say way later...)

Dear Ninth St. Niggahz; I miss you guys terribly. I think about you guys when songs come on, certain phrases are said, and random inside jokes come to mind. I wouldn't mind having "the ol' basement days" back for a night. Drink, drugs, hookers, and pool.

I wish it weren't true, but my weight is driving me crazy. Every time I put shit on I feel pissy and thankful that my make up looks good. Shallow, yeah. I don't even want to say anything to Beth, but I'm unhappy. I don't think what I put in my body is the problem. I also realized today I have a little over a month to shed a little weight before Vegas. like all destructive moments that I spend truly thinking over and over, flip it and think some more, I'm jumping in head first.

No more weed, tonight was my last night smoking. After 7 pm (even though right now at work, I get off at 7) something light. like  A yogurt or a fucking bowl of special k with berries. Best accidental cereal impulse buy ever. I'm going to go see what I can buy in pill for and buy slim fast.  yeah, reading all of this instead of talking about it with myself in my head looks pretty crazy

  I better get to bed. I need something new. Hopefully I'll dream it.

And I've read that livejournal guest thing it got me thinking. I haven't been really commenting. If you're reading...everyone on my friends list....I read all of your journals. In a non-creepy sort of way, I love everyone who allows me to look into a snippet of your day, of your life. Sometimes when I read a ton of entries, I want to turn my journal into a twitter-esque sort of page and reply to everyone at once. You all inspire me, make me chuckle to myself, and more importantly make me think. lj love i suppose.

other white meat.

Tac-Off 09

"you know my father always told me, 'boy marry a fat tattooed woman. Because in summer you'll have shade, in winter you'll have heat and moving pictures 24-7" - some drunk guy at the ravenna

yesterday was the second annual taco eating contest. The rules: eat 15 tacos (meat, cheese, sour cream) in 30 minutes. I was the champ from last year. The prize? Bragging rights and a few free drinks. It was cool to see it happening again, and, it's going down next year too. And it started from me, Matt, and the Arborist talking shit to each other on who could eat the most tacos. However, last year, after eating all the tacos, it was a horrible thing I did to my body that I'd never do again. Like a shitty high that lasted for hours. I couldn't talk, felt in a haze, wanted to split into two, just...wasn't cool. lol, competitive eating got crossed off on my list of things to do before I die.

They pulled in a few more people this year which brought it to a whopping five contestants. 4 skinny hungry guys who all smoked weed previously. This included Matt, which Beth and I were happy to supply Matt with the amazing greens needed to compete, well, eat is more like it. But the fifth contestant, Scott, was a large, drunk, man who was hungry and sunburnt from boating all day. Scott won, and shattered the time limit. I was the time keeper, and 6 minutes into the contest, he was already half way done. By ten minutes and eleven seconds Scott was finished eating, and was hungry for more! Absolutely amazing. It was a contest for second place. Pictures are to come.
little red riding hood


I'm at a friends....beth's best friend from highschool...diane's house. It's her wedding night. I forgot until beth reminded me. Diane's getting married at 11pm, they're aiming to be. officially hitched by midnight.
Pfft...I feel bad because I rather be ingesting copious amounts of alcohol or sleeping. Either way the night'll be interesting for sure

Im not going to a wee jealous thsat I couldn't get married on a whim.

Off to the chapel. Ta.
little red riding hood

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Well it's Seattle Gay Pride weekend. I'm excited, however, doesn't look like any of my friends are going to be able to make it tomorrow. So it's going to be just Beth and I gettin' all dolled up and hittin the bars up. There's this one place in particular that a "wet T-shirt" contest is taking place and guess who has front row seats...that's right...thisssss guy. :D

I'm also excited because I heard on the radio that Poison and Def Leopard are coming up here to Seattle. FUCK YEAH !!! 

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